Building and Scaling Marketing & Media Ventures

Who We Are

A Media Group that establishes and invests in marketing and media companies where it helps them grow by providing capital, access, knowledge, and strategic and operational support.

TTP Creative: Advertising Agency
TMD: Marketing as a service
Hoku: Production House
Ctrl: Production Services
ADX: Media Aggregator
TTP Academy: Knowledge Hub

Market Knowledge

Utilizing our market experience & intelligence to provide a continuous feed of consultations for entrepreneurs to set up their strategies, hone their products and services, and avoid unnecessary mistakes:
Business strategy
Organizational setup
Product and services development

Access & Networking

Unlocking the power of networking by connecting you to potential clients, talents, suppliers, investors, and regulators where you can develop your business horizon and expand its impact:
Demand generation
Suppliers access
Co-value creation

Growth Fund

Have a skin in the game by investing the required capital to grow your business. We conduct the necessary analysis and assessment to determine potential financial growth trajectories and feasibility of each option:
Opportunity assessment
Investment planning
Capital Allocation

Specialized Support

A specialized team that provides entrepreneurs with supporting services that will help them in growing their business and vision by providing the required support in the following areas:
Feasibility studies
Accounting and book-keeping services
Organizational Development
Project management office
Strategic business development
Facilitation sessions